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Maintenance manual of personal homepage system of teachers of central south university

Wuhan university teachers' personal homepage system is a unified management and publishing platform for teachers and staff of the university. Faculty members can set up a personal homepage on the platform to display basic personal information, teaching information, student information, research results, research directions and publications. The personal homepage system of teachers also enables teachers to search for teachers with various tags including subject major, department of school, scientific research direction, admission major and so on, and query relevant information of teachers.                The common use of teachers' personal homepage is as follows:

1. How to open a personal homepage?
Portal ( on teachers' personal home page, click "login" button, use the school comprehensive services portal account and password can log on to the system management side, opening your personal home page.

2. Want to maintain good page data, after checking the page open to the outside world again, how to do?
Teachers login background, choose "to see, not to release to" first by preview to view their own homepage, confirmation page and beautiful, after complete, click on the agreement, select "agreement, release to the home page.

3. What if some columns don't want to be displayed?
Some teachers do not have teaching and research tasks, and relevant columns do not want to be displayed, which requires you to change the status of columns you do not want to display from "publish" to "temporarily save" under the menu of "column management". You can also click "add" to add new columns.

4. Why doesn't the edited column appear?
Some teachers may find some edit good columns do not display at the front desk, this need you to confirm whether issued the content carefully, only the content of the "release" status can be displayed in the front desk, the content of the "temporary" status is out of the show.

5. How to personalize your homepage?
If you feel that the images in the template do not meet your needs, you can change the background images, background colors, etc. under the "system configuration" menu, and save them.

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