Self - improvement, promotion, seeking truth from facts, and innovation

In 1993, on the basis of extensive consultation with various parties and after deliberation by the school Council, the new school motto of Wuhan university was determined to be self - improvement, hony, seeking truth from facts and making innovations. To sum up, the overall meaning of the school motto of Wuhan university is to inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the Chinese nation's...

Wuhan university is a key comprehensive university directly under the state Ministry of education. it is a key construction university under the " 985 project" and " 211 project" of the state. it is the first batch of " double first-class" construction universities.

Wuhan university dates back to the self-improvement school founded by Zhang Zhidong, governor of Huguang at the end of the Qing dynasty in 1893. it was named national Wuhan university in 1928 and was the first batch of national universities in modern China. In 1946, the school had formed a pattern of running schools with six major colleges of literature, law, science, industry, agriculture and medicine in tandem. Since the founding of new China, Wuhan university has received great attention from the party and the government. Chairman Mao Zedong visited Wuhan university in 1958. In 1993, when Wuhan university celebrated its centennial, Jiang Zemin and other party and state leaders wrote congratulatory messages. Since the reform and opening up, Wuhan university has taken the lead in educational and teaching reform in domestic universities. various undertakings have developed vigorously and the overall strength has obviously increased. In 1999, the world authoritative journal science listed Wuhan university as " one of the most outstanding universities in China". In 2000, Wuhan university and Wuhan university of water conservancy and electric power, Wuhan surveying and mapping science and technology The merger of the university and Hubei medical university to form a new Wuhan university has opened a new page in the reform and development of the university. For more than ten years, the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of the school have been continuously improved. in 2015, the school ranked 273 in the QS world university ranking.

Looking back at the past, we can see that the road is blue, we can work hard to improve our governance, and Yu ru Yu cheng. Luojia mountain gathering, Zhou Enlai, dong Biwu, Chen Tanqiu, and Luo Ronghuan used to give directions here. Gu hongming, Zhu Kezhen, Li Siguang, Wen Yiduo, Yu Dafu, ye Shengtao, Li da, etc. have once raised their voices here. For more than a hundred years, Wuhan university has collected many splendid Chinese chapters in the modern history of the Chinese nation, formed a fine revolutionary tradition, accumulated a rich cultural heritage, and cultivated the university spirit of " self - improvement, honyi, seeking truth from facts, and developing new ideas".

Wuhan university surrounds the east lake water and sits on luojia mountain. the campus has beautiful environment and picturesque scenery. it is praised as " the most beautiful university in China". The school covers an area of 5195 mu with a building area of 2.66 million square meters. The palace complex, which combines Chinese and western cultures, is simple and elegant, majestic and spectacular. 26 early buildings have been listed as " national key cultural relic protection units".

Wuhan university has complete disciplines, strong comprehensiveness and obvious characteristics, covering 12 disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, industry, agriculture, medicine, management, art, etc. The school has 34 colleges ( departments ) in the six major departments of humanities, social sciences, science, engineering, information science and medicine. There are 122 undergraduate majors. Five first-level disciplines and 17 two disciplines were recognized as key national disciplines. Six disciplines are national key ( cultivation ) disciplines. Forty-four first-level subjects have the right to award doctor's degrees. 55 first-level disciplines have the right to award master's degrees. There are 42 post-doctoral mobile stations. There are three level 3 first-class affiliated hospitals.

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